Who we are !

Hi there! We are Anupama and Arun and welcome to our blog “Travelogue to Happiness” 🙂

An Indian couple from “God’s own country” Kerala, working in Bangalore. In between the excitement and chaos of living our everyday lives, our love for travel has always brought happiness and is a factor that drives us both. The thought of our next trip picks up as soon we are on our way back home from one. This passion for travel and love for photography has inspired us into starting our own blog !

Come join us as we take you on our journeys, finding happiness in the little things of life 🙂

She in “We” – Anupama

I am Anupama. A true blue Indian, I had my humble beginning in Kerala and then grew up in several cities across India (5 last time I counted); thanks to my parents!

A Chartered accountant by profession (read sweat, blood and tears) I work for a corporate giant in a job that I actually enjoy doing. A true Gemini and a dreamer I am constantly fleeting interests and trying to experiment and learn something new. Jack of many trades, I love and enjoy anything that gets my creative juices flowing; sketching and painting; a little bit of writing; some photography; learning new languages, cooking, music and of course TRAVEL!

What makes me happy ? 🙂

Endless cups of chai, beaches, interesting stories, stimulating conversations, beautiful sunsets, the waft of wet mud from the first rains, delicious food, a good book and planning for the next travel are some of the few things that keep me ticking and define “happiness” for me 🙂

He in “We” – Arun

I am Arun. An Engineer by profession (Non IT Engineer in Bangalore!), working in the Energy Sector.

A happy-go-lucky, optimistic guy and a die hard Manchester United fan who believes Mohanlal is the greatest actor in Cinema :). I love a good game of football (watching and playing), enjoy dancing and my lessons in drums.

I am passionate about things I do and photography is no different. I started off with a Canon film camera, progressed to a Canon shoot & point and now own a Canon 600D. Yes, I am a loyal Canon fan! An amateur photographer, I love shooting portraits and landscapes.
Other than meeting new people, experiencing various cultures and understanding the soul of each place we visit, travel helps me discover newer frames to shoot as I continue learning the finer nuances of photography.

What makes me happy ? 🙂

Football, Manchester United, Football, Drums, music, spending time with friends and family, long drives with good company.
Call me for a hot cup of tea (any time), Pazhampori (banana fritters), parippu vada (lentil fritters) and you have made me “happy” !